the amazing race 4
a recap of a very fun party


The Amazing Race party last night was amazing fun. I should have pictures later today, but I don't know if I'll have time to scan them in before leaving for the shore tomorrow. I will try. Anyway. I was happy with the outcome of the show. At this point, I was okay with any of the three teams winning. I did find myself really, really pulling for Kelly & Jon. I don't know. They just won me over. Although Kelly still annoys me.

Anyhow. So congratulations to Chip and Reichen, who were two of the most gracious people I've ever met in my life. Reichen was dressed in all white, and Chip in all black, and I'm sure that was on purpose. Heh. We were outside the bar while racers were arriving after the finale, and every time someone new showed up, everyone applauded them like crazy and crowded around them to get pics and autographs or whatever. When Reichen arrived by cab, he sort of just stood in the street for a minute waiting for his friends, and everyone was like, "oooh, there's Reichen." But total silence. Finally Janet says to me, "Dude, he WON. Why isn't anyone applauding?" And then, she did the SLOW CLAP. And it worked! Rock on.

Reichen was still in total THRILLED mode when we met up with him, and talked our ears off. He had his parents there with him, aw. He also would like me to tell you to look for him on the season premiere of Frasier. Chip was also incredibly nice, and spent quite a bit of time telling us that he really isn't as awful as he came across. I never really thought he came across badly, but he did explain about the cab thing in South Korea. They were using a guidebook that said certain-colored cabs (maybe black?) all have trained, English-speaking drivers. This had worked for them in the past, so when they got in that cab and realized too late that the driver didn't speak English, they were really frustrated. So - no excuse, but an explanation. He also said that the reason he got so intense in the last two legs was because he was shaken up by the Clowns getting eliminated, and felt that they got eliminated because they weren't 150% focused. Well, it worked, I guess.

We also met Steve and Debra, who were the first eliminated. They were very nice people and told us that the production team on the Amazing Race were just stellar. The Air Traffic Controllers were of course, very funny and boisterous. It was nice to meet them and their sweet little wives. Millie and Chuck were there, as well as the Goats, but I didn't really talk to them or get pictures. I didn't have much to say to them. I will pause here and tell you that Chuck looked miserable and had his jaw clenched every time I saw him. Millie had on a little black dress and looked absolutely cute. Then we met Jon and Kelly, who are both 7 feet tall. Kelly is one of the thinnest people I've ever seen in my life. We talked about "small world" stuff with my sister knowing Jon's brother and that was about that. I didn't really have much else to say to them, either, although I do wish I had asked them why they tortured Millie so much. :) Who, by the way, as far as I saw, never went near them.

And, ah, the Clowns. I gave them both a big hug from all of you guys who loved them so much. They are very small men. Short, I mean. Shut up. Jon did some chair-balancing on his chin, which I'm hoping I got a snapshot of. They handed out clown noses and got totally fanboy when they saw people from last season's show. I admitted that I cried a little when they got eliminated, and they both yelled, "SO DID WE!" Har. During this whole exchange, Flo kept almost stepping into my picture, which was royally pissing me off. Because it's FUCKING FLO and I'm still MAD AT HER. As I was saying goodbye to the Clowns and walking away, someone pushed past me from behind. You know how instead of saying "Excuse me" they just put their hands on your back to steady themselves? Well I felt these cold little claws and turned around and it was Flo. Now I have big burn marks from her witch hands.

Weirdest Moment of the Night: I'm walking around the bar and see this guy standing in front of me, just hanging out. I'm thinking, "Huh, I know that guy....high school? college? how?" And he makes eye contact with me, and as the words "How do I know you" come out of my mouth, I realize that it's my favorite Survivor, Rob Cesterino. He was scrawnier than I remember, still nerdy and cute, and (I think) very, very drunk. We had a long talk about Survivor strategy and the internet and god knows what else. Unfortunately, he says he will not be appearing on All-Star Survivor, which made me sad. Only the first 4 seasons will be involved, and then if the ratings are good, they'll do the later seasons. Bummer.

People who were there that I didn't really talk to: Tara from AR2, many racers from TAR3, the NFL wives (who were having a blast), stupid ass Mitchell from Survivor, Brennan from AR1, the girl who won The Mole, and I'm sure lots of others I'm forgetting. Oh, Amanda and Chris from this season were there too.

Lastly, Phil. Mmmm, Phil. I loves me the Phil. It took awhile, but we finally got to chat with him a bit. I told him about my photo disaster from last year, and got a lecture about upgrading to a digital camera. I told him to give me a million dollars. He wouldn't. He was very sweet, and even told the guy taking a picture to try to take a couple, so they would come out good. Janet shared with him our idea of auctioning off his ugly sweaters on eBay for charity, and he suggested burning them instead. We agreed to auction them off for charity so someone else can burn them. Nice guy. It KILLS me that there most likely won't be another season of this show.

So yeah, I'm glad I went. It's really kind of fun - watching these people on my television every week, getting to do all these exciting things, and then having the venue and opportunity to actually ask them about their experience.

Write CBS and tell them not to cancel our show!!!!

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